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Is your dog having accidents in your house? Does he/she have selective hearing? Or do you just want to add finesse to an already solid dog obedience training background? I want to help you! My name is Ana Dahl and I am a Certified Dog Trainer. I work to improve communication with your dog and solve your dog training problems! Located in sunny Loveland Colorado, I travel to all of the Front Range helping clients from Fort Collins to Greeley, Wellington to Windsor. Schedule a free 15 minute consult with me today!



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Potty Training


Is your dog having accidents? Do you find random pee spots hidden through out your house? Still having trouble with crate training? Let me help you solve your potty training issues!

Basic Manners


Sit! Down! Stay! Envision a future in which your dog does all of these thing and more... after a single command! Basic obedience training can help us build a strong foundation for more advanced training and can help when we run into behavioral issues like begging, jumping, and other nuisance behaviors.

Advanced Manners


Long stays, walking close at hand, auto sits at the corner, and a strong focus on the handler are the next step in having an excellently trained dog. Working on these skills will allows us to better manage behavior on walks and generally improve our dogs ability to focus on us in challenging environments.


Puppy Manners


Most puppies don't come out of the womb with perfect manners. Accidents in the house, chewing on furniture (and fingers), eating everything in sight, and pulling on the leash are all normal puppy issues that I can help you with! I will inform you of the critical socialization periods and how to make them count so when your puppy grows up he will be ready to take on the world!

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Ana Dahl


Professional Dog Trainer

Member of and Insured by Association of Professional Dog Trainers

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Separation Anxiety


Does your dog panic when you grab the keys? Have you left the house and returned only to find your sofa shredded? Do you leave food down when you go out but your dog won't touch it till you are home? Your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is one of the most challenging behaviors to address in our dogs because it requires a long term commitment and adjustments to your schedule to make sure the dog has company at all times while we are addressing the problem. If you are ready, I am happy to help your dog heal and turn departures into "no big deal".

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Phone Consults


Have a particular issue with your dog that you need help with? I am happy to discuss it with you and find solutions to your dog training and behavior problems. 



"Before we started working with {Ana} Jackson would run off constantly. Now he listens and stays next to me when we go out. He has become more comfortable in his surroundings as well." -Stacy

"Ana is an amazing trainer who helped us solve some of our dog's biggest problem areas." - Rob and Nicole

"We have worked with Ana for over 3 months to train our somewhat aggressive 100 lb yellow lab. We have found her to be excepionally skillful in dealing with our dog. She has given us excellent ideas and tools to use with our dog. We found Ana very professional and personable and easy to work with. She has our dog literally and figuratively eating out of her hand when previously he wouldn't even let anyone in our house. We highly recommend Ana to help with any dog training needs you have." - Les and Jen

My name is Ana Dahl. I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer based in Loveland, Colorado serving dog owners along Colorado's Front Range (Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Greeley, Longmont, and Wellington). I have been working with dogs as a trainer and veterinary technician for over 10 years and am passionate about all things dog! I have two wonderful dogs of my own: Wally a Windsprite, and West a whippet. 


I began my career in New York City working for Unleashed. While there I led Basic and Advanced group classes for all ages. I taught Canine Good Citizen classes and mentored new trainers. I then expanded into private in-home dog training while working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. When I moved to Colorado I realized how many dog lovers are out here and re-opened my dog training business as Dahl Dog Training. 


I use reward based dog training methods to help foster a strong human-animal bond. I believe training should be fun and easily integrated into our daily life style and strive to find creative solutions that will work with each dog owner's particular circumstances. My goal is to make your daily life with your dog a rewarding experience. I work with all ages and breeds of dogs. I love the challenges and rewards of helping our dogs learn and grow. 



Loveland, Colorado


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